EUROLUB develops, produces and distributes a complete range of lubricants and lubricant-related special products for almost all industries and applications.


The story begins

Our company history begins with the trading of diesel fuel in 1928 under the name Pschorr Mineralöle.


Construction of service stations

Together with the company DEA, Pschorr Mineralöle starts building filling stations in the 1950s.


Generation change

A generation change and the decreasing number of filling stations prompts the incumbent owner to sell the business. In 1970, the head of the lubricants business, tribologist Mr. Hunold, acquires ownership of his division and founds the company HUNOLD Oel in Munich.


Hubert Huber

Hubert Huber joins the company and acquires all of the business shares after a short period of time.


The company's current headquarters are open

The current company headquarters in Eching near Munich is opened. This lays the foundation for further successful development of the company. 1985 Hubert Huber Junior joins the company. His task: to reorganize the sales department and integrate a company purchase.


Hubert Huber joins the Company

Hubert Huber joins the company and acquires all shares of the business shortly thereafter.


Hubert Huber – CEO


The decade of the 1990s was characterized for the growth

This decade is characterized by growth: in addition to renovation work, the company’s own warehouses are continually expanded to safeguard performance in an increasingly competitive market. These steps create all the necessary conditions for continued success in the market.


Start of employee training

The company begins to train apprentices in order to give new perspectives to company policy.


Acquisition of adjoining land

The acquisition of an adjacent plot of land makes it possible to set up a spacious dispatch department for better order processing.


Expansion of the winter chemicals business

The company works diligently to expand its winter chemicals business. In 2001, the first fully automatic filling plant for winter chemicals is put into operation. By the end of the year, the marketing and delivery of 20,000 tons annually of lubricants and winter chemicals is now possible.


Purchase of Pingo Erzeugnisse GmbH

Pingo Erzeugnisse GmbH is taken over with the worldwide brand rights, as well as the complete sales program of Pingo car cleaning and care products, and the existing customer base. In addition to the lubricants and winter chemicals of the EUROLUB brand, which are already well established on the market, customers can now choose from a comprehensive range of products for all aspects of motor vehicles.


Installation of a large computer-controlled live pallet racking warehouse

A further building is purchased to house a spacious, computer-controlled pallet flow rack warehouse. This means goods can be prepared and stored during the quieter spring and summer months, to be distributed as needed during the busier periods of the year. Complete orders can also be filled for export, as well as for major customers, and made available for collection.


HUNOLD acquires Speedoil lubricants brand

HUNOLD acquires the lubricant brand Speedoil, combined with the operating business at home and abroad. In the long run it is planned to replace this brand with EUROLUB and to use only the distribution channels. The winter chemicals sector is complemented by the brand Procar Autopflege. The aim is to expand the winter chemicals division to an annual volume of 7,000 tons of radiator antifreeze and 3,000 tons of windscreen cleaning concentrate.


Warehouses and halls are constantly being expanded

During this period, storage areas and warehouses were continuously expanded. Some milestones included: - Acquisition of various plots of land to expand the company - Extension of the computer-controlled shelf storage to a total of 3,000 pallet spaces for picked goods - Storage of nine underground tanks with a volume of 100,000 liters each - Purchase of filling lines, including small lubricant containers of one to five liters - Possibilities of private labeling for customers.


Presentation of bottle/bottle molds at Automechanika 2012 in Frankfurt

Own bottle/canister moulds are presented at the world’s largest trade fair for automotive suppliers, Automechanika 2012, held in Frankfurt, Germany. These have been developed by a specialist agency to the company’s own design, and are thus a unique selling point in the industry. At the same time, the first “EUROLUB App” for mobile data use goes online.


Drilling of a well and commissioning of a demineralization plant

A well is drilled and a demineralisation system is put into operation to supply the filling plants for windscreen antifreeze with pure water. In October, EUROLUB receives the Silver Award of the German Printing Industry in the „Large Format Printing“ category for the design of a fuel truck.


Production of low-cost small batches in the private label sector

With the commissioning of a system for filling both windscreen and radiator antifreeze into small containers, EUROLUB is able to produce small series in the private label sector, both cost-effectively and independently.


An automatic filling line for 60 and 208-liter metal drums

With an automatic filling line for 60 and 208 litre metal drums, the company’s most complex machine to date goes into operation.


The market research institute GfK certifies that the company

The market research institute GfK in Nuremberg certifies the company’s market shares of the German automotive parts trade as follows: first place for radiator protection products, second place for windscreen cleaners and fourth place for engine oils.


Record investments of approximately 15 million euros

Record investments of around EUR 15 million are made in these two years to safeguard the future of employees and the EUROLUB brand. Among other things, the capital will go towards machinery, the purchase of land and the renovation of buildings.